Comics like to explain things. In cases of suspension of disbelief, it’s necessary to give some kind of an explanation as to how a character like Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound; in cases of character motivations via backstories like why Batman decided to dress like a bat and fight crime, this is a matter of deepening characters and letting us understand them better. But sometimes these explanations can feel more like excuses; for instance, why does Power Girl have a great big hole in her costume right where he cleavage goes? Well, comics have tried to give us an answer for that, and for others superheroines’ sexy costumes, and the results have been... mixed.

So I wrote an article about it over at Kulture Shocked. I took a look at an example of when trying to give some sort of story-based explanation for a sexy costume completely fails to work, and an example of when it actually did work, and why and how to do things better.