If you had to use one moment, one scene, one page even, to sum up Superman, I think it would be hard to find a better one that the scene with Regan on the ledge in All-Star Superman.

It’s a personal, emotional, thoughtful scene that goes a long way towards breaking down most of the major elements of the ideals Superman strives for. I’ve seen it described as people’s personal litmus test for whether they feel an adaptation of Superman is right, whether they could see that version doing this. And yet, it’s never been adapted into another media, despite a Superman TV series ongoing at the time of the comics’ release, and two live action movies and even an animated adaptation of the book itself coming out since. Well I think it’s time for someone to adapt this scene, and I think the CW’s Supergirl should be the one to do it.

So I wrote an article about it on Kulture Shocked. I outline what makes the scene so good, how it fits Supergirl as a show, and what they should do to adapt it.